August 13-22

Day 1

Arrive in Coanda International Airport in Bucharest then head to our hotel. At 4pm, the group will meet at the lobby with master photographer Manuello Paganelli and go over the itinerary and tour. From there a short walk capturing the late afternoon light of the bustling metropolis followed by a welcome dinner at a favorite local restaurant. This beautiful capital is one of Europe less traveled due to its oppressive regime under Nicolae Ceausescu. Today, Romania is a vibrant country, making it a wonderful travel destination. Globalization has not yet run its course through here so it offers photo students a chance to capture and experience a blend of old and new Europe while getting deeper into the local culture.

Day 2

Early rise, eat breakfast and then we will go to the main train station to capture the coming and going of the citizens. Afterwards, we will head to the old town for lunch and capture the beauty of the crowd framed with the old historical architecture

Day 3

After breakfast, we take a trip across the mountains and into Transylvania to the town of Sibiu. We will stay at the Roman’s Emperor Hotel which was built at the end of the 18th century and where luminaries such as Prince Charles and composers Franz Liszt and Johann Strauss stayed. Participants will explore the Great and Lesser Squares, which are the landmark of Old Town. We also visit the open air fresh farmers market and some local nearby towns.

Later in the afternoon we will drive to Cluj-Napoca, the second largest city in Romania

Day 4

Cluj-Napoca is a hodgepodge of medieval and renaissance, with touches of baroque and modern buildings making it a wonderful city to explore and photograph.

Day 5

Tour Maramures, which is known as one of the most isolated corners in the European Union with its well preserved tradition and its landscape is a colorful fairytale canvass. Here time stop long ago and one of the common ways of transportation is the use of horse-drawn carts.  One of its most famous places is the “Merry Cemetery” where each wooden cross has a funny epitaph about the departed’s life.

Day 6

After lunch, a trip to Sighisoara

Day 7

After breakfast a trip to Brasov to visit this Saxon town with its Gothic-style buildings and explore the Gothic Bran Castle famously known as Dracula Castle. The drive back to Bucheresti for an end of the tour final meal.

Day 8

Bucharest, after breakfast, and depending of flights departures,  participants will be on their own discovering new things and capturing images.


Terms & Conditions

To hold your space, we require a non-refundable deposit of $1,000.00 USD

Fees Included:

  • Workshop fees
  • All Lodging is included.  A single room is subject to availability for an additional fee.
  • All breakfast and two group dinners with one alcoholic drink per participants
  • All transportation in the host country related to the itinerary.
  • Local guide/translator or assistant photographer.

Fees Not Included:

  • Flights to the workshops host country.
  • All paperwork/doc/visa compliance with the nation we are traveling to (Cuba trips all docs are included)
  • Any airport taxes due
  • Extra luggage weight
  • Meals outside of breakfast or the two group meals.
  • Travel/cancellation insurance
  • Any medical insurance.
  • Any tips for an assistant photographer, translators drivers, bellboy, mini bar or any food items or drinks consumed from your hotel/house room.
  • Any optional event that requires entry fees such as: night club, musical event, sports venue, night clubs or any additional cost not included in the itinerary.

What to bring

At least two sets of DSLR camera bodies with five or more large memory cards. Also one wide-angle lens, a 50mm or 85mm lens, a telephoto, a light tripod to shoot during low light or at night and any other photographic tools that you may need during the workshop, including extra batteries, a charger and your laptop to download your images for review & critique. All participants must be able to download and backup you work since each day will be very intense and the instructors won’t have the time for that. I also encourage you to bring a backup system to save your work. External hard drives or flash drives work great. I can give you tips as to the best external hard drive to get. There won’t be any spare computers to be used, so please bring your own with you and PLEASE be very familiar with all your personal equipment.

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